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Joyce Ffoulkes Parry was an Australian nurse who came to Britain in 1937 to rediscover her Welsh roots.  When war was declared, she signed up as a Queen Alexandra Nurse and from 1940 to 1944, when she left India to begin her married life in Wales, she served as a Sister in France, on hospital ships and in hospitals in Egypt, India and the Far East.  Her journal came to light after her death in 1992.  

Out of the chaos of war emerges a unique voice telling a vivid, compelling and honest story of adventure, bravery, friendship, homesickness and wartime romance.  Joyce's wry observations about everything from the bureaucracy of the army to how poetry and shopping helped sustain her through four difficult but extraordinary years, offer a fascinating glimpse into a vanished world.  The book is edited by her elder daughter Rhiannon Evans and contains original photographs taken during the war and illustrations by Siȃn Bailey.

Published by The History Press in  February 2015.  Return to this page for information about talks and associated events.
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